Please find below the programs we provide.

Our Programs

Early Childhood Development

Our daycare facility charges a minimal fee and hosts children 5 days a week. Children are provided with nutritional meals and are free to take part in group activities in a safe, supervised environment.

After-School Care

We empower school-going children with life skills, health education, homework help and other resources to help them thrive as young men and women. We also develop their natural talents while having fun.


We provide nutritional meals for children throughout the day. We do not define ourselves as a feeding scheme, though, preferring to be seen as a place where children and youth can come for support.

Young Women

We provide various trainings to upskill the women who were teenage mothers and had to grow up to become heads of household with partners who are not able or willing to assume responsibility.

Community Care-Giving

We work with children and youth who come from families that experience hardships, including chronic illnesses like TB and HIV. Because this affects our children's lives so deeply, we strive to assist these families when we can so that the children are supported at home.