Here is a short background of Lungelo Youth Development (LYD).


Lungelo Youth Development (LYD) is a registered Non-Profit Organisation founded in October 2012 with the aim to provide a resource Centre for children's development and a platform to address societal issues affecting the youth.

The small community of Mzingazi (Current) embodies the lines of social inequality in South Africa with poverty levels exceeding the national average. The majority of its inhabitants earn less than $1.25 a day, below the aimed targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. Most families survive on child and elderly government social grants.


  • We aim to equip the youth with life skills and social skills to be self-sufficient instead of living a life of dependency.
  • We believe in using education, arts and sports to help children and youth express themselves, heal their past and develop a future.
  • We aim to skill youth that are unemployable due to lack of qualifications and skills with programmes that will help them generate their own income.
  • We aim to plant the value of self-worth.